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make this html plz

how do you download thw game

can you add another thing which is toolgun next pc update


updates when

I used winrar but an error keeps popping up On 2.0 fix it

I used for this, and it worked!



Your welcome

Deleted 103 days ago




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broken 0/5

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wheres the sandbox and why cant I switch weapons?

U can switch wepon and 2.0 is sandbox

what about for touchpad? i don't have a mouse

for touch pad, use  2 fingers and swipe

5 star


when will sandbox exist?

It just takes me to something that "Says open with"

what do I do?


ok so depending on the computer or the download file your computer might not have a program or is normaly programed to open it if its a zip file search on the computers app store (if it has one) and search for .zip or whatever the file type is i hope this helps 

hiya i had the same problem and i just cant open it at all

Hey Felix, I suggest you to update this like the new Gorebox on Android devices

it looks so good! on pc its good! can you add new update? here are my list of updates! 1.add melee 2. add grenade where you get killed by a grenade or survive it.


please, new update!

pls update!

Mac OS ?

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add guts in the new gorebox and add swords, knifes (excluding machete), Armor, More nature, ect. Maybe even more ways to destroy the doll? I'm just saying, If you don't add more and cool even weapons that don't exist in the real world! Would make it more fun, but if you don't, your gorebox games will fail. Trust me I know it'll happen so please felix PLEASE! Add some new things, new ways to torture the ragdolls, and just go wild my man, make the game more interesting and just make a major update for ye' game to get more popularity cus' I really like ye' games but they're kinda boring now since I really really would love a major update adding new dismemberment n' shit. (P.S. I'm 11 lol)

Pretty please just add new stuff. Aight' GG's my man GG's but take it seriously or I'll just lose interest in the games. Thanks Bye. (BTW when i mean more nature I mean more nature items like rocks and animals to kill the dolls and maybe snakes, scorpions, and spiders, ect other animals that are aggressive to humans except for player tho.Thank you and may god put this for another day when you have the chance.)

like google play?

Yes, Its called gorebox.


Iz diz on mobile app ztore

why did you leave this for pc? at least put the goorebox here on your game page to be able to play it on pc please

it says Bloodbath.exe error there should be a folder "BloodBath_Data" next to the executive, i have it right next to the exe what the fuck

does it say "fail to load mono"?

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Reminds me of Paint the Town Red, but with more bloodiness.

After reading through the comments, I wasn't too terribly disappointed that the PC version doesn't have some features, but it's still good.

A graphics settings menu would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to see some updates soon.

Have a good one!

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Hello felix, can you release it on Steam?, or maybe a little update. i hope you can update this game like gorebox, why didnt you online in, i hope this game updated soon.

Thank You.

very good

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Bloodbath is abandoned for the pc

i think

the mobile version (which is gorebox) is getting more updates 

when are you gonna add the 2nd version for pc

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i downloaded the latest one and theres no uh sandbox

Olá poderia lançar uma versão para Android???


of steel



i liked the game, the ragdoll physic  is quite good and the NPC's reactions are pretty realistics, nevertheless, i only found one map and there are no cars like in the mobile version.


if only there was a way to make soylent green..................

and import custom ragdolls into the game......



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1: get off the drugs
2: take your finger off the shift key/press capslock again to make your text NOT CAPPED.
3: chill the hell out.
4:download winrar, and EXTRACT, because you CAN EXTRACT.
5: use the damn internet to learn how stuff works instead of yelling at people about "THiS DoEsN'T WoRk!"

6:re-evaluate your life, because your getting mad about such minor things.

please, please change for the better.

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Thank you. for Helping 22, Shannon.


lol, also is winrar money.


its free now


Wait what

winrar is always free, they just throw the ad of "you can buy us" everytime you open winrar.

Alterative: 7-Zip


i like rusty spoons

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