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Please note that this is just a prototype so most features are still locked.

Bloodbath's early access version is being released on PC (and Android later this month) for FREE! What's Bloodbath you ask? It's a low-poly physics sandbox where you can kill and torture NPCs. The game has a good dismemberment and blood simulation and is filled with lots of details. each NPC and Wound has different values making every kill unique.

the Character feels alive, it has facial expressions depending on the pain it's feeling, blinks and has eye movement.

Game is also going to include:

-A Sandbox mode for random killing


-A custom level creator


Move: W, A, S, D

Grab, Release, Shoot: Hold, Release, Press Left Mouse Button

Switch Weapon: Mouse Wheel

get ready for killing! 🔪


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Version 0.4.0T 51 MB
Version 0.3.1 26 MB
Version 0.2.0 25 MB
Version 0.1.1 23 MB

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Awesome game to calm down the nerves, mess around or just to be a bit "emotional" with the people in it. Waiting for an update, hope it will be cool. Also, the Discord invite in game menu is expired.

hes abandoned the pc version, cause the moblie one got a new game,a shop,slow motion and a editor mode.

he didn't abandon it. Felix is working on a PC port 

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Is the sandbox out yet? also whats the difference between testing and shooting? And when next update ;-;

scroll wheel is for the weapons thats all i need to know.

can you plz make it on IOS plz so my bro can play with me :D

woq 3d people sandbox...love it!


how i unlock the minigames


u cant its a demo

were i can buy the full game

Creepy and funny. Like it.

whats the newest version?


I wanna play this so bad but it wont let me extract the files

What are you using to extract it? I used 7-zip and it worked.

alright i will try that

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update: how do i extract the .rar file into a new folder? it wont show up.


nevermind got it

Well, hostile NPCs.

I also have an idea, if the cube you're in gets expanded, I feel like enemies looking for whoever killed someone in a group if someone in said group dies, but they know who it is immediantly if they see you go back there to kill them. (Please correct me if I spelt immediantly wrong.)

Here you go bud; Immediately

What I'm asking is if it's a weapon or just nothing.


Hey, is there a point for the uuh, N O T H I N G tool? Is it just N O T H I N G .

I think it's a 'Grab' tool, But I'm not entirely sure.

Felix, I love this game so much. The gore is what I have been searching for, but I have some suggestions. Don't add them in the upcoming update, add them the next update. I would like you to add a bit more gib, please bring back the axes, money, so on.

Thanks for creating this game.

and please add an map selection that i can choose from the new one or the old one. and please add the slow-motion to the future versions

im realy hiped for 4.1.0


felix it's been 38 fucking days when are you updating it

please shut the fuck up and stop rushing him to do this you impatient mumble rapper lookin ass

he's focusing on mobile,atleast drop a small update on the pc game so we have something to be pleased with while he waits another 3000 fucking milleniums to remember what a pc is


when the fuck is the next update im fucking passing out





Unfortunatly the update has to be delayed even more due to issues with my scripts :/

awww man.

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updated 21 days ago

Just can't wait for android

on the update can you put remove faces on and off ill pay you later


Plz add melee weapons you can hold


I really like what I see so far, i look forward for the next updates!