A downloadable game for Android

As the name explained, this is a remake of SCP: Containment Breach but for Android devices

Please note that this was not made by the creators of the original SCP Containment Breach!

It was made in unity and is about 35% done


-Fixed some joystick bugs
-Extremely Improved controls

-Added Femur Breaker (100% Working)
-Improved 173's chamber
-Added Corpses and events
-New loading screen
-Added Items
-Improved fog
-added Pocket Dimension
-Placed missing doors in the Storage Area
-Added bleeding System
-Improved Intro Gas Death Scene
-Improved Intro
-Added the Commotion sounds
-The background music changes now depending on where the player is (Light Containment Zone, Storage Area)
-Improved Tesla Gates

-Changed menu font
-Added a "Skip" button in the Start up scene
-added an option to disable flares
-added tp commands in the console
-Added Inventory
-added a "Download Newest Version" button in the menu

-Added SCP-939
-Added SCP-789J
-Added SCP-500 (can cure SCP-008's effect)
-Added SCP-008
-Made SCP-914 Functional
-Gave SCP-035 Animations
-SCP-049 can now loose the player

-Fixed a bug where SCP-049 couldnt kill the player
-Fixed a bug where blinking overlapped the controls
-Fixed a few other small bugs


Q: Will there be an ending?
A: Yes, all four

Q: How many updates will there be?
A: A lot (until it's almost exactly like SCP CB)

Q: Will this game lag a lot when the whole map is Implemented?
A: No, The occlusion culling prevents it from getting laggy no matter how big the map is the framerate will not go down (it should always stay the same)

If you have any suggestions or found a bug just publish a comment describing it

Development Stage
Early Access



V0.7.3 Alpha 71 MB